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This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. Do you live in Ecuador? Share your Story here. In this interview, American Cassie McClellan talks about living in Otavalo as an expat. Cassie McClellan Talks About Living in Otavalo The Expat: Cassie McClellan Connect with Cassie: on her Facebook cooking page Where are your currently living? We are live in [...]

16 Things to Do on Your Expat Scouting Trip

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Are you planning on taking a scouting trip before you move? Have you traveled internationally? If not, there will be some new things to get used to. We went on a scouting trip to Margarita Island, Venezuela. It paid off. We decided not to move there. We learned a lot from that trip. The cost of living [...]

The 61 Top Expat Countries Worldwide

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So, where are the top expat countries? What is the best country for expats? It can be a little hard to sort through all the options. Especially given that there are almost 200 countries in the world today. (Current count is between 195-196 depending on if Taiwan is counted). Our readers frequently tell us that [...]

Just where in the world is there safe tap water? Who can you trust? Locals or expats? Safe water can be a pretty big issue. Not only can it ruin a perfectly good trip with diarrhea, but bad water can also carry hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera. This is nothing to play around with. When [...]

Update (October 2015): This product is no longer available.  Although we chose Ecuador, both Dena and I are fascinated with other areas and countries. Earlier today I finished watching the new DVD featuring the Nicaraguan beach town of San Juan del Sur by Michael Karsh. Last month we wrote about a new DVD featuring Granada, Nicaragua (read our full review). [...]

Live or Retire Overseas DVD: Granada Nicaragua

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Update (October 2015): This product is no longer available.  I just finished watching the Live or Retire Overseas: Granada Nicaragua DVD. Granada is one of the top choices for expats because of its low cost of living and warm climate. One of the difficulties in moving abroad is choosing where you will relocate to. There are [...]

Update (March 11, 2015): We just merged Drew’s site with InsideEcuador. After a few years blogging, she has moved topics and has a new photography blog planned. See all her posts here. We are very happy to introduce you to our daughters blog: Culture Sponge. It’s about travel and life abroad. Drew has been sharing some [...]

This is a guest post that I wrote for National Geographic’s Intelligent Traveler Blog for the series: I Heart My City. We were invited by Gio Palatucci to highlight our city on National Geographics Intelligent Traveler Blog. The format is a mad-libs style fill-in-the-blanks. The bold text is what they gave us, and the regular text is [...]

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