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Have you ever thought about blogging as being therapeutic? It can be, much the way keeping a diary is – except better. The first definition Merriam-Webster gives for therapeutic is: “producing good effects on your body or mind.” Blogging can do both in a number of ways. 8 Reasons Blogging Is Therapeutic  Here are my top [...]

In this post, you’ll learn how we became location independent. And how to make money while traveling and living abroad. I’ll cover the specific ways we make money while traveling and living abroad, including blogging, web design, and photography. How to Make Money While Traveling Last week, a reader wanted to know how we earn [...]

Okay, so I’ve never taught English overseas. It is something we talked about, even something we planned on doing when we first arrived in Ecuador. But it just never happened. So why feature this book? Well, it’s still an awesome idea. If you are planning on moving abroad, but not quite sure how to fund [...]

We get lots of questions about making money while traveling and living abroad. Here’s our guide: How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog Learn how we make money on this blog. And how to start your own blog. Our guide will help you: Starting a Blog– Basic but necessary information about picking a niche (what [...]