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Cuenca Relocation: Noshy Pinos of Cuenca New Resident Services

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This guest post has been contributed by Dave Campbell, a semi-retired professional photographer who lives in Cuenca. 

Noshy-Pinos-Cuenca-New-Resident-ServicesLiving in Cuenca does have a few frustrations and this is especially true for limited Spanish speakers.  For instance, It is extremely frustrating when you have a problem (like trying to set up a cell phone account) and you have no clue how the system even works.  On top of that, you can’t understand what is being said.  You also know – or should know – you’re paying a premium price for your lack of understanding, the “Gringo Up-Charge.”   If you’re not fluent, or at least street smart in Spanish, then moving to or living in Cuenca (or anywhere in Ecuador) will have its challenges, as most anyone who has moved here can attest to.

The ultimate solution is to learn to speak Spanish as quickly as possible.  Realistically, this takes several months, at best.  From experience, it is uncomfortable to be 65 years old and have the language skills of a three year old, but it is exactly where we are at.   In the meantime, the obvious “timely” solution is to use a “transition service” to bridge not only the language gap, but also the cultural gap.  There are a number of people offering these services, from taxi drivers to university students, but for our money you won’t find a better, nicer, more honest or qualified person to help you with your visit or transition than Noshy Pinos at Cuenca New Resident Services (   Do check out her website — it will answer pretty much all of your questions on transitioning.

Noshy Makes a Cuenca Relocation Easy

Noshy has often been our savior and she has become a dear friend as well.  We have asked her to help us with any number of things, from setting up services and learning how to take the bus and taxis to giving us Spanish lessons (she was a teacher in the Cuenca school system for many years). She has been invaluable to us.  The truth is, it would have been extremely difficult for us to survive here without her help.

When we first contacted her through email from the States, one of her comments was that “we now had an extended family here in Cuenca” and that pretty well sums up her personality and her business.  She met us at the airport and has been our shepherdess, and friend, ever since.

A visit to the Cuenca NRS website ( will give you all of the information you’ll need to smooth out your visit or your transition to a full, extremely enjoyable time here in Cuenca among some of the nicest people on the planet.

This guest post has been contributed by Dave Campbell, a semi-retired professional photographer who lives in Cuenca. 

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Bryan Haines is co-editor of GringosAbroad - Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers. He is a travel blogger and content marketer. He is also co-founder of ClickLikeThis (GoPro tutorial blog) and Storyteller Media (content marketing for travel brands). Work with GringosAbroad.

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  • Margit DiPietro Aug 3, 2012, 11:21 am

    Noshy will work hard for you to get you the best prices for furniture, apartments,etc.I went to an attorney about making an Ecuadorian Will. I got qouted a price of $ 425.00.She told me that was way too high and searched for an other way to make the Will. Ended up paying $ 150.00. She did all the legwork.
    I am also taking spanish class with her twice a week.She comes to the house.
    I highly recommend her and her services are done with love and kindness.

  • John and Kathy Aug 3, 2012, 8:28 am

    We feel compelled to, also, come to Noshy’s defense. We have used her servises for the last four months and will continue to use her services. She is priceless as she provides peace of mind in a foreign country. She has been invaluable in dealing with all aspects of Ecuadorian life. She knows how to cut thought the red tape and can get results. We have found her pricing structure to be more than fair for the work she accomplishes. Her work ethic is impeccable and she will not stop until she succeedes. Her pricing structure can be seen in the web site above in the introduction section. We are very lucky to count on Noshy as a dear friend which developed naturally over the time we have spent with her. Her friendship is priceless to us!

  • Kim Jul 30, 2012, 8:22 pm

    Bryan, you say: To put it into perspective, that rate is hardly minimum wage back home.

    I say: You cannot compare prices to back home, otherwise would you be willing to pay 800-900 month for an appartment, 5.00/gallon for gas and everything more expensive… Isn’t it a reason that we move to Ecuador not to pay the prices we pay BACK HOME???

    You say that people can hire someone else, but do not forget one thing: when you a post, by a guest or not, is published on your site people take it as Gospel, they believe in it, free advertising. You tell me not to worry about it, if only you knew what it takes to worry me, I don’t worry about small stuff, I look at things from a mathematical point of view. And again, this article to a lot of people is like free advertising and good reference by your site to a lot of people. Lots of people take what is written on a site as truth, even the conspiracy sites…

    Reference to Paul Wolf: What a month and a half makes a difference. Your post of june 3 2012 and july 25 2012, they are a bit contradictory…

    You are right based on back home prices she has decent prices, just hope the gas stays at 1.48/gallon and that President Correa does not read these sites and bring a new policy of ”Back Home Prices for Gringos”. Just a bit of dark humour.

    Have a great day to all, by the way, I am not trying to be mean or anything else, I don’t know this lady and will probably use her service based on what has been said on this site.

  • Paul Wolf Jul 25, 2012, 3:45 pm

    I have to come to Noshy’s defense, here. My wife and I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Noshy and watching her work with other ex-pats over the past month. I can tell you she is worth the $12.50/hour and even more. She works tirelessly for her clients, and she is a wonderful and caring human being. My wife and I now count her as one of our very best friends, and there are many reasons for that. She’s priceless, in our opinion and is in no way ripping off gringos.

    • Jim Jul 25, 2012, 6:19 pm

      Perspective is always good. Here in Cuenca if you use a lawyer, you’re going to pay about 1/4 or 1/5 of what you pay would in N.A….just a rough guess. For a high quality new residence service with a foreign language involved, I would say that $15 an hour is more than fair. Now having a local try to over charge for potatos or mandarins, well, that’s another story.

  • Kim Jul 25, 2012, 2:34 pm

    I noticed on her website that her prices have gone up. If I am not mistaken, early this year the price was 10.00/hour for 9-6pm, but now it is 12.50 and again I might be wrong but when I checked last month it was 15.00. Either way, from 10.00 to 12.50 is a 25% increase. There again, her prices were decent but now at 12.50 for Ecuador, personnaly it is expensive, another example of gringo prices, a 25% increase when demand was good. This is my personnal tought.


    • Bryan Haines Jul 25, 2012, 2:51 pm

      Is the difference between $10 and $12.50 really a deal breaker? Prices go up everywhere – depending primarily upon demand. If she is flat out busy, I don’t blame her for putting her prices up. Most business owners would do the same thing. To put it into perspective, that rate is hardly minimum wage back home. And this is pretty specialized – and for a limited time – help. I don’t know Noshy, but she comes very highly recommended by many retired expats. Many expat blogs obsess over “gringo pricing” and while it does exist it isn’t the problem most people think it is. Inflation is a problem all over the world. Just because things go up over time doesn’t even come close to suggest that people are ripping us off. And we always have the option to not hire someone we feel is too expensive.

      Just like in the States/Canada, Ecuador has a free market run primarily by competition. There are other relocation facilitators in Cuenca – if she put her prices out of reach, then she would lose business to the other ones. I suggest that you don’t worry about it. If she is too much for you, maybe you can find someone else who is cheaper or maybe do it yourself.

  • Paul Wolf Jun 3, 2012, 9:34 am

    Can anyone tell me if something has happened to Noshy Pinos? I have paid her a retainer for her help in relocating to Cuenca at the end of June; however, I have not been able to get in touch with her for several weeks.

    • Noshy Pinos Aug 6, 2012, 6:23 pm

      Just to set the record straight, I was able to help Paul Wolf relocate successfully to Cuenca and he is now very happy living here in Cuenca. At the time of his comment, I was in the middle of moving from one apartment to another and had limited internet service, but that situation has now been solved.
      Best Regards, Noshy.

  • Jim Cohoon Feb 13, 2012, 2:20 pm

    It’s a small world eh! In a city of near 1/2 a million, we met Noshy on the bus one day. She was very pleasant to speak with. We wouldn’t hesitate to use her services.

  • Pat Grimm Sep 29, 2011, 10:09 am

    Noshy is a dear friend of ours and she has been teaching me Spanish. She is very professional, but we also can laugh together as I struggle to learn the language of my new country. I highly recommend Noshy for all of your relocation needs.

    • Bryan Haines Sep 30, 2011, 8:34 am

      Thanks for sharing your comments Pat. Someone like Noshy can really make the transition much easier! Hows the Spanish progressing?

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