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Driving Tour of Avenida Solano in Cuenca Ecuador

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This is part of our Cuenca tour series featuring the main areas of Cuenca, Ecuador with HD wide-angle video posts. Let’s go for a drive along Avenida Solano in Cuenca, Ecuador!

driving cuenca solano ecuador

On this drive, we start on on Avenida 12 de Abril. At the lights we’ll turn on to Avenida Solano – one of the principal avenues in Cuenca.

Driving Tour of Avenida Solano, Cuenca

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What’s Nearby on Avenida Solano, Cuenca?

At the corner of 12 de Abril and Solano (where the video begins) you can go left (on foot) and head up into the city center on a walking tour.

Also at that intersection, you’ll see the main office for Banco Pichincha in Cuenca. If you follow Solano from one end to the other, you’ll cross Remigio Crespo, 10 de AgostoPrimero de Mayo and Don Bosco.

Avenida Solano ends at Tres Puentes (Three Bridges). From there, it’s super close to Mall del Rio.

Learn more about the parroquias of Cuenca.

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  • Bob Elliott Jun 17, 2018, 9:25 pm

    Planning several month stay in Cuenca. We take lotsa vitamins and supplements, which means mucho mucho for 4 months. Should we carry on or stow in luggage (luggage being preferable

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