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Top 17 Ecuador Retirement Books on Kindle

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Are you thinking about an Ecuador retirement?

Over the past five years, we’ve written a lot about Ecuador living.

But it’s always good to get another perspective.

ecuador retirement

In the past couple of years, many Ecuador expats have discovered Kindle books. The has lead to an explosion of first-person accounts. Of course, some of them are not all that good. But many are extremely helpful. In this post, we have included all the best Ecuador retirement books – according to Amazon ratings.

You can enjoy all these titles on the free Kindle Reading app: available on Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Don’t have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here.

Lets get started!

Shortlist: Top 17 Ecuador Retirement Books on Kindle

A couple of years ago, we wrote about the top books about living and traveling in Ecuador. These were primarily print books and were more travel related than about retirement and relocation.

This list is primarily Kindle-only books – meaning that most are not available in print. And while there are a couple of Ecuador travel books, the majority are all about retirement in Ecuador – written by expats actually living here.

This is the short list. Below, you’ll find a second list with a brief review, pricing and an image of each book cover.

  1. Living and Retiring in Cuenca: 101 Questions Answered
  2. Becoming an Expat in Cuenca, Ecuador
  3. Expats in Ecuador: Life in Cuenca Second Edition
  4. Expats in Ecuador: Life In Cuenca
  5. A Golden Girl’s Guide to Retirement in Cuenca
  6. Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador: The Magic & the Madness
  7. Finding Joy in Ecuador: Our Crazy Overseas Retirement Plan
  8. Expat Interviews Ecuador: Interviews with Residents & Former Residents
  9. Why Ecuador for me
  10. 100 Points to Consider Before Moving or Retiring in Ecuador
  11. The Complete Guide to Retiring in and Around Cotacachi, Ecuador
  12. Our Ecuador Retirement…The First 8 Months
  13. Our Ecuador Retirement…Part 2: The Second Year & Why We Didn’t Stay
  14. Expats in Ecuador: Cuenca’s Top Ten Attractions
  15. Becoming an Expat: Ecuador
  16. The Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure
  17. Cañar: A Year in the Highlands of Ecuador

17 Ecuador Retirement Books on Kindle (Reviews)

Here are the details of each of these top Ecuador retirement books. Have you read one of these? I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Living and Retiring in Cuenca 101 Questions Answered1) Living and Retiring in Cuenca: 101 Questions Answered

This book is one of the highest rated Kindle books about Ecuador. The reviews rate the book as a “must read” for expats planning a move to Cuenca. The book covers: Our Story, Great Expectations and Altitude Adjustment, Culturally Speaking, 101 Questions Answered, Conclusion and Resources.

  • Pages: 166 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Becoming an Expat in Cuenca Ecuador2) Becoming an Expat in Cuenca, Ecuador

A light read, this is the shortest of the books in the list.

Written by David Campbell, the book address things that he learned as a new expat in Cuenca. He covers what they did right and wrong.

Readers comment that the book gives “an insiders view of Cuenca, Ecuador that would be helpful for anyone planning to move there.” Another readers commented that this book confirmed what he already knew about Cuenca.

  • Pages: 53 pages

Check it out on Amazon

expats-in-ecuador-life-in-cuenca-second3 + 4) Expats in Ecuador: Life in Cuenca Second Edition

Written by longtime Cuenca expats Deke Castleman and David Morrill, this book covers the essentials of living in Cuenca as a gringo expat.

They address common issues for new expats and recommend an open mind when arriving in Cuenca.

  • Pages: 182 pages

Check it out on Amazon

This title replaces an older and more popular first edition Expats in Ecuador: Life In Cuenca

A Golden Girls Guide to Retirement in Cuenca5) A Golden Girl’s Guide to Retirement in Cuenca: Everything you need to know before & after you move to Cuenca, Ecuador!

Christine A. Collins writes for expat woman arriving in Cuenca. She discusses visas, medical care, cost of living, dating, and recommended doctors and dentists.

A number of men have reviewed the book, praising it for its quality information. “Wonderful book … even for guys!” they say. 🙂

  • Pages: 155 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Expats in Cuenca Ecuador The Magic & the Madness6) Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador: The Magic & the Madness

Author and expat Susan Schenck breaks down life in Cuenca for new and current expats. Some readers commented that they have benefited from the book although they already live here.

Readers of this book express themselves very strongly about the value provided. One reader said that it “felt like a long letter from an old friend.” Another reader said: “Don’t even think about leaving home without this book.”

Susan is also the author of the Quilotoa Loop. Read our review.

  • Pages: 196 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Finding Joy in Ecuador Our Crazy Overseas Retirement Plan7) Finding Joy in Ecuador: Our Crazy Overseas Retirement Plan

Author Lollie Hoxie is from Connecticut and lives between her home state and Ecuador. While here in Ecuador, they live in the small city of Gualaceo – just a short distance from Cuenca.

Like many Americans, Lollie and Cliff were suffering financially. They had lost their business and were faced with the possibility of bankruptcy and foreclosure. The solution: rent their home and retire in Ecuador.

Written as a memoir, Lollie shares her experiences of an Ecuador retirement: living in a small town, dealing with immigration officials, taking bus trips around the country, and a side trip to Peru.

  • Pages: 176 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Expat Interviews Ecuador Interviews with Residents and Former Residents8) Expat Interviews Ecuador: Interviews with Residents and Former Residents

Nicholas Crowder interviews dozens of expats who have researched, moved to and (in some cases) left Ecuador.

Something that seems bizarre to me is that he doesn’t identify the expats he interviews. He says it is “to insure that you receive frank and open answers as to life in Ecuador”. I disagree. When people can comment (judge) without repercussions I think they tend to be more offensive and uncontrolled. One of the questions he asks in the book is: “What do you like about Ecuadorians? What did you dislike about Ecuadorians?” The question is flawed from the beginning and creates an automatic us-vs-them comparison.

  • Pages: 310 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Why Ecuador for me9) Why Ecuador for me

Gary Sisk moved to Cuenca as a single 63 year old man. In his book he explains the reasons he decided to retire in Ecuador. And the details of getting setup, becoming a resident and making a new circle of friends.

Read Gary’s expat profile published here on GringosAbroad. It is one of the most highly commented profiles on our site.

  • Pages: 229 pages

Check it out on Amazon

10) 100 Points to Consider Before Moving or Retiring in Ecuador

100 Points to Consider Before Moving or Retiring in EcuadorNicholas Crowder has published many books about living in Ecuador.

While he does a good job of not sugarcoating life in Ecuador, there is a fine line between being candid and offensive. I think this book is offensive to Ecuadorians in general. He does make some good points but his approach only foments the bizarre idea that gringos are superior to Ecuadorians in every way. For example, to prove his point that emergency room service is bad, he cites four extreme examples. This could be done for any country to make them sound incompetent.

The book has good information but it includes too much biased opinion and not enough facts.

  • Pages: 268 pages

Check it out on Amazon

The Complete Guide to Retiring in and Around Cotacachi Ecuador11) The Complete Guide to Retiring in and Around Cotacachi, Ecuador

With more than four years of living in Cotacachi, Larry Smith shares all the specifics of what it is really like to live in this Andean town.

The books seems to focus on cost of living sharing everything from the cost of bananas, bus fare, and 3 course lunches to the range of rent prices ($100 to $450/month).

Read an another expat profile from Cotacachi.

  • Pages: 190 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Our Ecuador Retirement The First 8 Months12) Our Ecuador Retirement…The First 8 Months

Don and Diane Murray were like many Americans nearing retirement. A combination of health problems and the loss of their savings and home equity, they decided to retire to Ecuador.

This is the story of their first eight months of life in Ecuador.

Donald has published a second book – about why they decided not to stay in Ecuador. See the next book in the list.

  • Pages: 97 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Our Ecuador Retirement Part 2 The Second Year and Why We Didnt Stay13) Our Ecuador Retirement…Part 2: The Second Year and Why We Didn’t Stay

This book, Don continues where he left off in his first book. He shares the details of their second year here in Ecuador.

While initially content with their move, they later change their direction and relocate to Mexico. This book will help expats know some of the challenges of retiring in Ecuador.

Reviews for the book say that it will be helpful retirees looking to move abroad to any country.

  • Pages: 115 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Expats in Ecuador Cuencas Top Ten Attractions14) Expats in Ecuador: Cuenca’s Top Ten Attractions

Some of the attractions listed in the book include Parque Calderon, El Cajas National Park, open markets and the double-decker bus tour.

For a quick reference guide, check out this book. It offers a brief overview of the top attractions in the Cuenca area. Once you identify the destination you can research it in more depth online.

The results in the list are based on surveying actual expats and travels about their favorite places around the city of Cuenca.

  • Pages: 70 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Becoming an Expat Ecuador15) Becoming an Expat: Ecuador

Written by travel writer Shannon Enete, this title is her second in the “Becoming an Expat” series. She has also covered Thailand and Costa Rica.

She covers topics such as immigration, healthcare, moving as a family, how to live rent free and more.

One reader commented that she learned more by reading the book than visiting Ecuador.

  • Pages: 285 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Quilotoa Loop Ecuadors Hidden Treasure16) The Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure

Written by expat Susan Schenck (author of Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador: The Magic & the Madness)

The Quilotoa Lake is the water-filled caldera of a volcano in the Western Andes of Ecuador. It is located southwest of Quito.

The book is packed with great photos and gives a real glimpse into what the area and the trip is really like. Susan provides a packing list – items that are a good idea for travel in any part of the Andes.

Read our review

  • Pages: 65 pages

Check it out on Amazon

Cañar Highlands of Ecuador17) Cañar: A Year in the Highlands of Ecuador

Judy Blankenship and her husband have been traveling to Cañar province for the past 25 years from their home in Portland, Oregon.

They have integrated into the local society and have documented the culture and lifestyle in this region. Get a glimpse into the ways of the Cañari.

Popular Inca ruins Ingapirca is located in Cañar province.

  • Pages: 223 pages

Check it out on Amazon

retire in ecuador

Prefer print books? Check out our set of Ecuador travel and expat books. Or maybe you are planning a Galapagos trip?

Your Turn

Have you read any of these books? Which ones did I miss? Please share your comments, reviews and suggestions in the comment section below.

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    If anyone is looking for a place to stay near the Quito airport (UIO), I stayed at the La Casa de Hacienda Su Merced and thought it is charming. It certainly seems to be as claimed; a 400-year old hacienda. Management was very accommodating. My two taxi rides each took less than 20 minutes to get to/from the airport. I just wish I had stayed longer.

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    Really enjoy reading your site. Presently living in St. Martins , NB and on a clear day can see across Bay of Fundy to NS. But not today as it is warm and rainy for Christmas Day. Will retire in 2015 and once House sells will be moving to Ecuador. Can’t wait for my Adventure to begin. Wish you and family a “MERRY CHRISTMAS “.

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  • Charline Nov 28, 2014, 12:47 pm

    We traveled to Ecuador to check it out for our retirement and had purchased a number of the books you list. We also found a lot of help in the DIY landing guides for Cuenca and Quito. They also have a book on the coast; that wasn’t our focus area, but if it’s anything like the books Cuenca and Quito books, it will be very useful, as well. Their books are available as .pdf downloads or in hard copy.

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