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Ecuadorian Food: Guide to Ecuador’s Traditional Dishes, Typical Drinks, Fruit…

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Curious about what Ecuadorian food is like? You’re going to be surprised by the variety of flavors and foods in Ecuador. In this guide, you’ll learn about traditional dishes (like cuy and secos), chicha (yes, it actually contains fermented saliva), and drinks, fruits and other typical, local dishes.

Ecuadorian food

Table of Contents

Ecuadorian Food Guide for Travelers

Trying the local food is why many people travel. Here is our in-depth guide to food in Ecuador – from what to try – to how to eat it. You’ll learn about typical dishes, local fruits, and delicious beverages.

Which typical dish will you try on your Ecuador trip? Let me know in the comments!

Ecuador food

Your Turn

And there you have it. The guide to Ecuadorian food. Have I made you hungry?

Have you tried one of these? Which is your favorite? Have one to add? Let me know in the comments!

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