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Eliminate In-Flight Gas With Oregano Tea

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Oregano. It’s much more than a seasoning for your favorite Italian dish. It’s also a gas-buster. Especially for flight-related intestinal gas.


Eliminate In-Flight Gas With Oregano Tea

This isn’t really dinner conversation: trapped gas on a long flight (but I know you’ve had it).

You know the gas I’m talking about. The gas that makes you unbutton your pants during a long flight. The gas that builds up and makes you squirm in your seat.

Fight that gas with a hot cup of oregano tea!

Eliminating Painful Gas With Oregano Tea

Long flights are notoriously hard on travelers – digestively speaking. Trapped gas sounds funny – but it can be very painful.  It can be hard to move and even hurt to breath.

I experienced this on a long flight from Canada to Ecuador. When we landed in Guayaquil a friend suggested oregano tea. I was skeptical but tried it anyway.

And within 20 minutes the pain was gone!

Now, I never travel without oregano tea.

Tip: For travel, it’s best to use an unopened package of oregano leaves (label on) unless you have teabags. (You can imagine airport security finding a little Ziploc bag full of dry green leaves in your luggage!)

3 More Health Benefits of Oregano Tea

Turns out that oregano tea has a number of health benefits. A few are particularly helpful for travelers:

  1. Drinking oregano tea regularly can help fight parasites and amoebas.
  2. It has powerful antibacterial properties that fight the growth of many different kinds of bacteria.
  3. It also helps with headaches, insomnia, muscle spasms, congestion, diarrhea and motion sickness.
Caution: If you are allergic to mint, be careful with oregano because it belongs to the mint family.

Making Oregano Tea

If you can’t find oregano tea bags at your local store, you can easily make it at home.

Pick up some oregano (the same stuff you use in your pizza sauce) and steep it in boiling water.

Strain out the leaves (an infuser makes this much easier) and add some honey.

How much dry oregano should you use? About the same amount you would see in a normal bag of tea.

Tip: You might get a better deal if you buy oregano in bulk. Just keep it in the freezer as you use it. If you can’t find it at the supermarket you can buy a 1lb bag on Amazon. Don’t forget the infuser – most of the oregano tea sold in North America is loose leaf (not in a bag). Here are some more tea accessories to consider.

In many other parts of the world, it’s commonly found packaged in tea bags.

Your Turn

What’s your best in-flight gas story? Have you experienced the gas-busting relief of oregano tea? Do you have any other health tips for travelers? Please share your comments on this post.

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4 comments… add one
  • Anna Aug 13, 2014, 1:40 pm

    If a person has ever suffered from painful gas in an inappropriate place, this is not an inappropriate subject.
    most people have.

    • Dena Haines Aug 13, 2014, 8:54 pm

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you so much for saying that! I found this topic a little difficult to write about but felt it might help others so… 🙂

  • amraah Aug 13, 2014, 11:29 am

    You two are wonderful: round of applause.
    I practice an acupressure system that has been my mainstay for 40 years: I use the system and my own hands to adjust my energy so that those pesky symptoms are banished quickly. And I also give myself superior nutrition and listen to good advice from others. You make a case for my stand not to fly. I will drive my big old van from the US to Ecuador…not just to meet you but to have a better life as well. Thanks for all that you are doing to support people to have a better life. Always works you know. Love, Amraah

    • Dena Haines Aug 13, 2014, 9:01 pm

      Thanks for your comment Amraah.

      You are right, eating well has a lot to do with staying healthy. It can be hard while traveling, sometimes you just have to make due and that can lead to problems.

      All the best with your trip to Ecuador!

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