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Fig & Cheese Empanadas: My Favorite in Cuenca

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empanada-higo-cuencaCheese empanadas are the most common kind in Ecuador.

But you can get empanadas made with plantain, morocho or wheat. They can be stuffed with soft cheese, meat or fruit. They are almost always sprinkled with a crusting of white sugar.

A few months ago I discovered a treasure at a bakery on Don Bosco, Cuenca.

Although Appettito Bakery is one of the larger bakeries in the city, I didn’t expect to find anything unique. I love Cuenca’s bakeries, but most of them don’t stray very far from the basics.

Fig & Cheese Empanadas in Cuenca

empanada-cuenca-ecuadorI was pretty excited to see something different in this bakery.

Since moving to Ecuador I’ve come to love figs. The traditional higos con queso is an amazing dessert. And there are even fig chocolate bars.

As you can see in the picture with Dena, the fig empanada is about half bread and the other half is stuffed with a preserved fig and a piece of cheese. I’m not sure how this sounds to you – but it is amazing.

The fig is preserved in sugar and cinnamon. The contrast of the sweet fig against the cheese is outstanding.

While we’ve visited a hundred bakeries in Cuenca, this is the only place we’ve seen the fig enpanada so far.

The soft fresh empanada stuffed with fig and cheese

To try one yourself, just order an “empanada de higo”. They are just twenty cents each. Betcha can’t eat just one…


Display of the fig empanadas: Just $0.20 each


What is your favorite type of empanada?

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