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Galapagos Trip: Day 5

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Our second day on Isabela Island was wonderful.  We went for a walk on a boardwalk in the wetlands and saw Galapagos Ducks and marine iguanas.  The boardwalk took us through a mangrove, it was really beautiful to see the mature mangrove trees twisting themselves around each other and up over our heads.

After the somewhat disappointing view of the volcano we were really hoping to see some flamingos, and we did!  At the end of the boardwalk we came to an area of wetland with a large group of flamingos.  The guide said that it was rare to see that many feeding in the area, I think they got news of our volcano trip and showed up just for us.

Next we drove along a beautiful white sand beach until we came to a historical spot on the island called The Wall of Tears.  It’s a huge wall that was made by prisoners.  The rocks used are volcanic and the wall looks very interesting.  We are able to walk up stone steps to see the top for an impressive view and cool photo opp.  The road from the beach to The Wall of Tears is peppered with giant tortoises feeding on the little green plants, we saw 7 or 8 each way.  We also stopped along the way to see Blue Footed Boobies.

The tour we are on is called the Darwin’s Triangle Long – 3 islands. It has been amazing to see so many areas of the islands in such a short period of time.

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