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Galapagos Trip: Day 6 & 7

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Yesterday (Day 6) we had a morning with no planned tours so we made our own. A friend told us about a beach called Tortuga Bay so we decided to check it out.

It was perfect: a protected beach lined on 2 sides by mangroves (perfect for snorkeling) one side lined by white sand and the other open to the ocean. We will do a more detailed post about Tortuga Bay in a future post.

In the afternoon we went to the Charles Darwin Research Center. We saw land iguanas, giant tortoises and baby giant tortoises. Some of the buildings were run down, but we enjoyed walking around the grounds and seeing the animals. Seeing the baby tortoises was a highlight.

Today (Day 7) is a travel day. We left Red Mangrove at 9am and headed north by truck to Baltra Island where one of the two main airports are. We crossed a canal by water taxi then took a bus to the airport. Flight was at 12pm and (as I write this) we are awaiting a flight to Cuenca in Guayaquil. The flight is just 30 minutes and we’ll back home.

We are going to cover the trip in more detail over the coming weeks so stay tuned. Join us on Facebook to keep up with all the updates.




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