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Great Bike Shop in Cuenca – TecnoCyclo

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Just a couple days ago, Dena bought me a new bike. I feel like a kid back in grade school – a new bike, with reflectors and streamers and spokey-dokeys (you know, the plastic things on the spokes that make an annoying sound, but only when you go slow?) Well, they were fresh out of spokey-dokeys, but I’m all set with the streamers, front basket, a honkey-horn – the works.

I didn’t expect to find a full service bike shop here – not sure why not – but it was a great surprise. There are a number of other shops but this one seemed the most honest. The other ones we visited had a range of brands: Rocky Mountain, Mongoose, GT, Cannondale, Trek – but no listed prices. They sized me up as I came through the door and based their price on what they thought I could pay.

When we visited Tecno Cyclo (yes, its spelled right) they treated me with respect. Their brands are Kona and Marin. I’ve never rode or known anyone with a Marin, but when I took it for a ride, and then checked it online, I found its a great basic bike. They are the national distributor for both brands. They carry road bikes – but I can’t remember the brands. The roads here don’t really lend themselves to fast bikes with skinny tires. You’ll need suspension and knobby tires just to drive on the paved roads. . .

They list their prices on each bike, with financing and cash pricing. Owner Cristian Ramirez (pictured below) told me that his cash price is the same as the price in the States (where these bikes come from). I checked it online – and he’s right. I actually paid $20 less than I would have in the States. And they have a fully stocked repair shop.

Here’s how you can contact them:

  • Tecno Cyclo (el mundo de las bicicletas)
  • Address: Agustin Cueva y Remigio Tamariz (its a street over from Remigio Crespo and a few blocks off of Avenida Solano)
  • Phone: 07 288 6500 / 09 850 2340
  • Email: info (at) tecnocyclo (dot) com

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

Tecno Cyclo, Cuenca Bike Shop

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  • Cynthia Apr 27, 2012, 2:21 pm

    Hi Brian ~

    I’m thinking about spending July-September 2012 in Cuenca. I love bicycling, not off-road or on cobblestone streets, but around town and countryside on paved roads. Since you did NOT recommend driving a scooter in Cuenca, is the driving mentality OK for riding a bicycle without getting killed by inconsiderate drivers?

    Also, how much would I expect to pay for a studio apartment or small casita? [prices probably higher than your 2010 post]

    Thanks and looking foward to your advice!


    • Bryan Haines Apr 27, 2012, 9:59 pm

      Hello Cynthia, you ask a good question. Honestly, I’m scared to ride my bike here. On back roads it is different, but I think anywhere you come in contact with traffic it is unsafe. As we’ve mentioned before, many drivers actually accelerate as pedestrians cross the road. Why? Who knows.

      I’m a little out of touch with real estate prices. Are you looking to purchase or rent?


  • Jim Cohoon Mar 24, 2011, 7:57 pm

    I sure feel silly posting my previous question about cycling. Thanks for posting this info.

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