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Hacienda Rumiloma: Peaceful Hotel Overlooking Quito Ecuador

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This is a guest post by Magali Ipina – a Canadian expat living in Quito, Ecuador. She has also written about her trip to Baños. Read her french blog about Ecuador and follow her on Facebook.

hacienda-rumilomaWe have now been living in Quito for 1 year.

Roberto loves the city, but personally I love to get away from the noise and pollution as often as I can!

This past weekend we decided to head to the Hacienda Rumiloma located just 10 minutes away from our place, on the skirt of the Pichincha Volcano.


Getting to Hacienda Rumiloma

Crossing a poor neighborhood and driving up a beaten up road, we were wondering if we didn’t take a wrong turn, but we arrived quickly!

Getting out of the car, we were greeted by llamas and peacocks, to our daughter’s delight!

hacienda-rumiloma-peacocks hacienda-rumiloma-llamas

We enjoyed the view and then headed to our suite with balcony (Amberleigh). The suite made a great impression on all of us:

  • The antiques, carefully picked by the owner from every corner of the world,
  • The bed and their dozens of pillows that make you look forward to bedtime
  • All that beautiful light coming in from the multiple windows
  • The copper bathtub
  • The fireplace that was warming up the place
  • The cookie jar by the bed that they refilled every day with fresh oatmeal treats (that Chloé and Roberto would finish up in minutes!)
  • The basket of fresh fruits
  • The exposed wooden beams of the ceiling
  • The stunning view of Quito we could enjoy from the balcony

We immediately adopted our new home away from home!

hacienda-rumiloma-antiques hacienda-rumiloma-hotel-quito

Canadian Styled Brunch at Hacienda Rumiloma

Breakfast is included with the stay… and what a breakfast it was! One of the things I miss from Canada is enjoying a big Sunday brunch with friends. This breakfast was totally reminding me of those days!

We made the happy mistake of ordering too much:

  • Coffee and hot chocolate
  • Fresh orange or blackberry juice
  • A bread basket: Nice and warm with rosemary butter and homemade jam
  • 2 types of muffins: honey & oat, and Andean blueberry
  • Granola and yogurt
  • Fresh fruits (watermelons, papayas, kiwis, and more)
  • Pancakes
  • Eggs at your taste
  • Bacon

We expected small portions of each thing, but ended up having a feast. Needless to say, we had to skip lunch!

The pancakes were the best I have had in my entire life: to my surprise they were filled with a great combination of pears and cheese.

The Restaurant at Hacienda Rumiloma

After such a great breakfast experience, we expected a lot from dinner, and were not disappointed. The restaurant, open to public, serves Ecuadorian-style fusion cuisine, and offers a great view of the city.

We particularly enjoyed the ceviche appetizer and the Galapagos Gratin (pangora, crab and shrimp served in a shell).


As a main course, the seabass (corvina) was excellent, and so was the fillet mignon (lomo volcano). For dessert, we fell for a cheesecake and some pristiños (a crispy fried dough served with syrup, fresh cheese, and figs).

Learn more about sweets in Ecuador in our post about 16 Ecuador desserts.

Activities at Quito’s Hacienda Rumiloma

During the day, you can wander around their 100 acres of land, visit Quito on your own, or book a tour… we decided to stick around and fly a kite!

Marco taught our daughter the basics and helped her make her very first handmade kite. It was great to see her have fun away from TV’s and computers!


The service at Rumiloma was outstanding and the staff went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. Every night they would place hot water bags in our bed to keep them warm.

hacienda-rumiloma-rosesWe even woke up one morning to see they had left a thermos of hot chocolate and muffins because they knew they were our daughter’s favorites!

I honestly could not have expected more from our weekend in Rumiloma.

I was stunned by the beauty of this place: waking up to the lush forest and the sound of the birds singing, finding peacocks drinking water from the fountain… It was so peaceful and yet so close to the city!

The price at Rumiloma runs around $350/ night, including breakfast. The hacienda is located at Obispo de la Madrid s/n (at the end of the street) Quito, Ecuador

Editor’s note: for a similar experience near Cuenca, check out Hacienda Uzhupud


Have you ever stayed there? I’d love to hear your impressions!

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4 comments… add one
  • Greg Nov 8, 2014, 5:32 pm

    i had the pleasure of staying here for several days this past summer. Your article is spot on! The rooms were exquisite. The service: amazing. The food: glorious.
    If you decide to stay at this hidden gem, be sure to talk with the owner Ossy. He is a world class mountaineer. He can share his story of climbing Mount Everest.
    I have plans in the future to return to Quito, and they include staying here!
    Greg from Ohio

    • Bryan Haines Nov 8, 2014, 5:47 pm

      The more we hear about it, the more we want to visit. A huge thanks to Magali for sharing her experience.

  • Amber de Freire Nov 8, 2014, 4:27 pm

    Hello there,
    My name is Amber and I have been a subscriber to your blog for a few years now. Though I have lived in Ecuador for over 15 years, it is always interesting to see what other folks have to say about my adopted home. Imagine my surprise this morning when I found an email from you with my business in the subject line…
    I am the owner of Rumiloma and am thrilled to read the lovely article written and shared by one of your followers. I am thrilled to hear that she had such a lovely time staying with us and really appreciate her taking the time to share this. I am taking a few months North of the Equator to spend time with my ageing father so I wasn’t around to greet she and her family personally, but would just like to say what a pleasure it is to know that she and her family so enjoyed our little paradise above Quito. Thanks again so very much for sharing this article and for all the information you share on a regular basis with all the Ecuadorian expats. All the best, Amber

    • Bryan Haines Nov 8, 2014, 5:49 pm

      Very nice! Great to meet you Amber. We would love to visit your hacienda personally. It looks amazing.

      Thanks for the comment!

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