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Safe Horseback Riding in Paute Ecuador

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Are you looking for a great place to take your kids on a safe trail ride? As we have found out, all trail rides are not created equal! Some can even be dangerous…


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Trail Rides Are Not All Created Equal

We’ve been on two trail rides in Ecuador.

The first one was not what we were expecting.

We felt we knew what we were in for because we had been on a number of trail rides in the past, in Canada and Venezuela. The horses were the kind that were specifically trained to stay calm and follow the leader.

That being said, our family does not have much experience riding horses. We all needed the typical trail riding horse, but that is not what we got.

We were given horses with “spirit” who had to be handled in just the right way or they put up a protest. Such a protest that Bryan was thrown off and I nearly followed him! Fortunately our daughters horse was very calm and kept all four feet on the ground.

Needless to say I was very shaken! We got off the horses and walked back to the stable.

We were just happy that no one was hurt and that it didn’t give our daughter a fear of horses. She loves horses so much!

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Safe Horseback Riding in Paute, Ecuador

We enjoyed a safe, peaceful ride at Hacienda Uzhupud. This is one of many family attractions around Cuenca.

familyhorsebackridingpauteecuador horsebackridingatuzhupudpauteecuador

The horses were the kind of trail riding horses we were used to, calm and obedient.


Some of the Safest Horseback Riding Ecuador Has to Offer

I felt very safe and was not worried about the safety of our daughter at all. A couple of staff members went with us, one even walked the grounds with us to make sure everything was okay!

The trail took us through a little wooded area, past a pond and around a field. It was a very easy trail, the land was even and fenced off, making it that much safer for kids.

Our daughter loved it!

safehorsebackridingkidsecuador horsebackridingforkidsecuador

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  • Lou Lutz May 3, 2015, 6:10 pm

    Those look like small horses. we had a trail ride in Ontario many tears ago . My wife’s horse was like Your daughter’s horse. but i had a big spirited horse that love to gallop We came to big field and all of the horses took off across this field wide open. some how I manage to stay a board. But that was one merry ride that I never forgot.

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