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10 Steps to Learn Spanish in 10 Days [Infographic]

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learn spanish in 10 daysReady to learn Spanish?

If you are planning a move (or even long term travel) to Latin America – you’re going to need some Spanish.

In this post and infographic, you’ll learn ten steps to learning Spanish.

Lets get started!

10 Steps to Learn Spanish

  1. Download apps: Check Duolingo (won Best App Award in 2013) to get started. There are plenty of free and pay apps that range from flash cards to audio and video courses.
  2. Convert everything to Spanish: Switch your devices to Spanish and label everything in your home (color coding them as masculine/feminine).
  3. Listen to Spanish songs: Music helps with both vocabulary retention and proper pronunciation.  You might want to check out the highly rated Rock ‘N Learn: Spanish audio cd.
  4. Read Spanish texts: Start off with easy books – like children’s books. Our first Spanish books was called “Soy Gorda” (I’m a Fat Woman) that we bought in Venezuela. These books will help with common words and phrases – and keeps things light.
  5. Write what you learn: Writing out the words that you learn (along with definitions) will help you remember them.
  6. Learn using cognates: Cognates are words that share similar spelling in both English and Spanish and have the same meaning. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish has a huge section about cognates. Read our Madrigal’s review.
  7. Watch a Spanish movie: It is best to watch with English subtitles so you can confirm that you really understand what they are saying.
  8. Converse with a native speaker: Your proficiency will progress much faster having two-way conversations. There are a number of sites that allow for language learner meetups.
  9. Signup for a course – in Spanish: Taking a class in a foreign language will help you gain fluency and competence faster. Try taking a course in art or dance in Spanish. If you can’t find one in your area – take one online. Once you learn how to say the letters and sounds in Spanish, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll progress.
  10. Get out there: Book a flight and immerse yourself in Spanish. There is no better way to learn.

While you can get the basics in a few day and weeks – it takes years to become fluent. Why not start now? 

Below the infographic, check out more of our favorite language learning resources. 

10 Steps to Learn Spanish in 10 Days [Infographic]


How To Learn Spanish in 10 Days [Infographic] by the team at Thomas Cook

As we began learning Spanish, we used a lot of different books and courses. Here are our favorites. Short on time? Here are 9 time finding hacks for language learning. I think our favorite method (other than immersion) is Pimsleurs. Learn about Pimsleurs interactive audio method.

Your Turn

How are your learning Spanish? What tips and tools do you have to share?

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  • Jeff Mar 26, 2015, 3:21 pm

    Great tips! I just wanted to vouch for the music and TV methods. I find songs I like on YouTube, then select “mixes” that usually include a handful of similar artists. Listening on Pandora to discover new artists is helpful, too. I do use the “learn and sing” method (pero solo en la ducha!). I also find the best rendition of the lyrics as are available online (I look for correct spelling and use of accents/tildes), then translate it myself. All of these steps are valuable reinforcements to learning. The gratifying part is when you’re walking in el centro and hear word and phrases from the songs starting to jump out at you.

  • Ella Mar 26, 2015, 3:19 pm

    I found speaking it everyday was very helpful and talking to first langue Spanish speakers who you can learn new vocabulary from. I found In Ecuador especially that people will always be delighted to talk to you.

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