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Learn Spanish on the Go: The Pimsleurs Concept (Video)

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So here’s the concept: set aside the books and really learn Spanish.

It is true that books are important. But they offer limited value in pronunciation and flow of the language. With an audio program like Pimsleurs you can learn Spanish in just 30 minutes a day.

Or like in the video – learn it all in a really long road trip. 🙂

Learn Spanish on the go

Of course, this isn’t the recommendation with an audio language program. I think my brain would fill up much before the 13 hours… but the concept (and the science behind it) is solid: learn Spanish by interactive listening.

We use Audible to listen to Pimsleurs.

Learn Spanish on the Go: Video

We find this commercial for the VW Passat (which can go 795 miles per tank) hilarious. They go from not being able to say “gracias” to being completely fluent with attitude. Thanks to Jakob for sharing this video in his comment.

Watch on YouTube

Pimsleurs Spanish is one of the Products We Love. Read our full review of PimsleursMany of our readers are using Rocket Spanish to learn Spanish online.

More reading: Guide to The Best Way to Learn Spanish (Immersion, Books, Classes, Resources)

What has been your experience with learning Spanish? Have your tried audio learning?

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  • SteveD Aug 27, 2014, 1:15 pm ROCKS and it’s FREE! 🙂

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