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Corvina Apanada: Yummy Breaded Corvina in Cuenca

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A few weeks ago we went to El Sabor De Las Costeñitas Restaurant in Cuenca. I had pan-fried breaded corvina. It was amazing! Mom had pescado encocado (fish in a coconut sauce) and dad had Encebollado with shrimp.


I am a sucker for seafood so I really loved this restaurant. It was a small place, but it had a very nice atmosphere; the people were really kind. And since it was small, the smell of the food filled it, and it was enough to make you drool!

Cuenca’s Corvina Apanada

You know how sometimes you order breaded fish and it is just soggy, and there is hardly enough salt?

Yuck, right?

It totally ruins the effect! But this fish was just right. The batter was perfectly crispy and lovely salty. I loved it; I will definitely go back when we get a chance!

The fish comes with an onion-tomato salad and lime. Along with a generous serving of rice and patacones (fried plantain). Altogether, it is really yummy and a perfect combo!

breaded-corvina corvina-apanada

And if you don’t like seafood, but the rest of your family does, they have breaded chicken and other common dishes like churrasco .

Another thing that makes it easy to enjoy the food is that it is not too hot inside. I find it hard sometimes to enjoy a hot meal in a hot place… I get way too hot. But here, there is a big door out to the open and a nice fan to keep you cool!

So all in all, I really liked it there and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a taste of the Coast in the Sierra!

And another interesting bit is that the food is Esmeraldas style. It is really delicious. The other day, I was talking to a friend from around Esmeraldas and she said she does miss the food from there and I told her about this restaurant and she said she’ll try it!

So whether you want some seafood, or a taste of home, this is a really nice place! When you are in the city center, be sure to stop in and try it, I can definitely recommend the pan fried breaded corvina and the encebollado; they are personal favorites!

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Drew Haines is an animal enthusiast, travel writer, and content marketer. She loves to share her passion through her writing. She is the founder and owner of EverywhereWild Media, EverywhereWild, and co-founder and owner of JustBirding. She also guest blogs on LatinRootsTravel and GringosAbroad. She lived in Ecuador for 6 years and explored the Galapagos Islands. Currently based in N.S., Canada.

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  • Marjorie Hovey Dec 24, 2014, 1:57 pm

    Drew, I was so impressed with this blog. You did a great job describing all the dishes and even the restaurant. You made me want to try it when we come to Cuenca in Feb. hope to get the chance to meet you and your family then. Keep up the good work!

    Marjorie and Leo Hovey

  • Kerri Jun 23, 2014, 11:48 am

    You’ve got me drooling for seafood!
    I love anything encocado, but that crispy corvina sounds scrumptious!
    Now I can’t wait till my friends come visit and we go Cuenca! 🙂
    Great article!

    (PS. Double check your spelling for “too” in the paragraph “not too hot” and “way too hot”. 😉

  • Jakob Jun 21, 2014, 7:19 pm

    Corvina comes in many forms and is my absolutely favourite fish platter on the coast where it’s fresh. Try Corvina al Ajillo. Corvina is bass in Canada and it’s 10 times as expensive there. It is a fairly common platter all along the coast, not only in Esmerladas, but what would be typically esmerladeño is Ecocado de Corvina which is delicious as well. Ask them if they make it at that place.

  • nana Jun 18, 2014, 11:36 am

    Sounds like a place we will have to check out on our next visit to Ecuador. Great blog, Drew.

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