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Want to reach +30,000 Ecuador expats and travelers with your product or service?

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Right now, expats are looking for businesses just like yours.

GringosAbroad is one of the largest English language sites about Ecuador. Every month, tens of thousands of expats and travelers visit our site to plan their trip and relocation. See our current traffic numbers.

Our expat readers are interested in real estate opportunities, educational and cultural programs and schooling for their children. They are also hungry for travel experiences, language learning, housewares and more. Many are looking to do business with other English-speaking expats and locals.

Here’s how to promote your business to Ecuador expats and travelers:

  1. Guest Post (Free)
  2. Share Your Expat Experience (Free)
  3. Advertise (Premium)
  4. Product Reviews and Press Trips (Free)

See all the detail below:

4 Ways to Promote Your Ecuador Business

  1. Guest Post (Free): This is a powerful way to reach our audience. Posts become part of our archive of content and will be read for years. We don’t charge to publish guest posts and we’ll link to your primary site in your author bio. Many previous guest bloggers receive daily traffic – even after many years. To get started, check out our Guest Blogging Guidelines. We recommend confirming your topic before writing the post. Once you have finished your post, you can submit it here. If you don’t feel like a writer, then the next option might be right for you.Guest post on GringosAbroad
  2. Share Your Expat Experience (Free): This popular series is for current expats in Ecuador. Just fill out our structured interview form and submit. The fill-in-the-blank approach has helped many expats to painlessly share their experiences. Your submission becomes part of our content archive and will generate traffic to your site for many years. See some past examplesEcuador expat experience
  3. Advertise (Premium): Your display ad can appear on every post on our site. See our current traffic statsAdvertise on GringosAbroad
  4. Product Reviews and Press Trips (Free): We accept certain product reviews and familiarization (or press) trips if the experience will be of interest and useful for our readers. See details below. Ecuador reviews and press trips

Product Reviews and Press Trips

Here are a few stipulations on press trips and product reviews:

  1. We don’t accept payment for reviews.
  2. We don’t pay for press trips or review products, including transportation, meals or shipping.
  3. We are a family of three and we always travel together. Our articles cover the perspective of a traveling family.
  4. We maintain complete control of content. If something was good, bad, fantastic or unacceptable we’ll write that. Providing a press trip is no guarantee of a positive review.

dena-haines-galapagosPress Trips

Product Reviews

Here are a few reviews of products and services.

Contact us to discuss reviews and press trips. We have, and will continue to accept, trips and reviews that are a good fit for our readers. We’re always interested in hearing your ideas.

Have an idea that we didn’t cover? Pitch us here.

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