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The Quilotoa Loop: Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure (Book Review)

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I recently read the book The Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure by Susan Shenck. Susan is an expat living in Cuenca Ecuador.

As Susan mentions in her book, not many people have heard about this beautiful crater lake, including me. So I was interested to find out more about it.


What is Quilotoa Lake?

The Quilotoa Lake is the water-filled caldera of a volcano in the Western Andes of Ecuador. It is located in the Quilotoa area, about 43 miles (70 kilometers) southwest of Quito.

Turquoise water fills the lake making it a breathtaking sight. There are a number of beautiful photos of the lake and surrounding landscape in the book. Based on the photos and Susans description, hiking to and around this lake would make for a wonderful experience for travelers and expats alike.

quilotoa-beach-ecuador quilotoa-lake-ecuador latacunga-ecuador

Reading “The Quilotoa Loop – Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure”

In this book Susan details her trip from Cuenca, to Quilotoa Lake and the surrounding area. She explains various aspects of the culture and climate in the Ecuadorian Andes.

There are nice photos in the book which also give a peek into the landscape and culture of this area of Ecuador.

The book is divided up by each day of Susan’s trip. As she shares her experiences along the way she includes details about hotels, restaurants, guides, and the small towns she stays in during her trip.

Who Would Enjoy Reading This Book?

This book gives some insight into the natural beauty, customs and culture of Ecuador. If you would like to learn more about Ecuador you may find this book interesting.

Anyone interested in making this trip might find this book helpful. Adventurous expats (like Susan) looking to do some exploring in Ecuador might benefit from a copy of this book.

Check out The Quilotoa Loop on Amazon

Have you heard of or visited Quilotoa lake? Please share your thoughts by commenting on this post.

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  • Bob Weisenberg Feb 13, 2015, 5:24 am

    Sounds fabulous. How would one get there from Cuenca?



  • Ramiro Jan 18, 2014, 8:51 pm

    You should see Cuicocha lake, is beautiful, is in the Andes too.

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