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12 Rainy Day Activities in Cuenca Ecuador

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rainy day activities cuenca ecuadorSo it’s raining in Cuenca, Ecuador. (This happens kinda often.)

What is there to do in a wet and cloudy Cuenca?

12 Rainy Day Activities in Cuenca Ecuador

Here are our twelve favorite things to do in Cuenca – on a rainy day.

  1. Go for Coffee: There are lots of great places to go for coffee. Aside from having a cup of coffee at home, we like Frutilados and Tutto Freddos – both face Parque Calderon.
  2. Cuenca Orchidarium: This isn’t just for flower lovers – the variety of orchids are impressive. Have you seen the monkey-faced orchid?
  3. Go for Seafood: There are only few places in the city to get good seafood. Our favorite place in the center is El Sabor De Las Costeñitas. Must try: encebollado mixto (tuna and shrimp soup).
  4. Casa de la Mujer: See a selection of local handicrafts, including leather, silver, wood, and straw (hats). This isn’t my favorite place, but it isn’t a bad spot to wait out a shower.
  5. Watch a Movie: Choose from either Mall del Rio or Milenium Plaza and catch a Multicines movie. You’ll be impressed by the quality of these theaters. Mall del Rio also has a bowling alley and two games rooms.
  6. Visit a Museum: You might consider Banco Central or the Panama Hat Muesum (both on Calle Larga).
  7. Cajas National Park: It always seems to be raining in the Cajas so it doesn’t really matter when you visit. 🙂
  8. Study Spanish: Maybe not quite as exciting as the others – but a good rainstorm might be just the time to sit down and start studying. Our favorite way to study is with Pimsleurs via Audible. Read why here.
  9. Visit Paute or Yunguilla: Both of these areas are known to have a climate distinct from Cuenca’s and are nearby. Paute is about 30 minutes from Cuenca and Yunguilla is just over an hour away. You might just leave the rain behind.
  10. Visit Baños de Cuenca: When the water is warm (and wet) it doesn’t matter much if it is raining. Just a few minutes from the city center, you can visit either Piedra de Agua or Hosteria Duran.
  11. Go Silver Shopping in Chordeleg: Just a 40 minute bus ride from Cuenca is the silver center of Chordeleg. They use the filigree technique – and it is really impressive.
  12. Go Tile-Sliding at Parque Calderon: This is a new family favorite. When it rains, the tiled park gets surprising slippery. With a small runoff, you can easily slide 6-10 feet – maybe more. To us iced-up Canadians, it reminds us a lot of home. 🙂 Watch Dena enjoying the slippery tiles of Parque Calderon in the video below…

Rainy-Day Tile-Sliding at Cuenca’s Parque Calderon

Watch on YouTube

rainy day activities cuenca ecuador

Have you tried this?

tile sliding cuenca ecuador

With a surprise rain storm just around every corner, don’t forget to bring your umbrella. Need a good one? Here are some of the best travel umbrellas.

Your Turn

What’s your favorite rainy day activity in Cuenca? Please share it in the comments below!

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  • Bob Mayoh Jun 22, 2017, 11:23 pm

    As a gringo with a trip planned, this is all very interesting.

    I have lots more to read. Thanks.


  • Alejandro Apr 23, 2015, 2:31 pm

    Hi Bryan, I’ve been reading about your adventures in Cuenca, they look pretty nice and gratifying. So, I’m considering moving there with my wife and kids (two sons) and I’d like to know about school and of course job opportunities. Thanks in advance for your attention.

  • Eric Lutz Jan 25, 2015, 12:35 pm

    I have a suggestion what to do on rainy days . day 1, go for coffee, day 2, go for coffee, day 3, go for coffee,day 4 go for coffee. Oh! you get the picture. By day 13 you are so spiced up from the coffee. you don’t really care if it is raining or not. Eric

  • Al Timm Jan 25, 2015, 10:53 am

    Thanks for some clarity and ways to spend your time during the rain. How long is the rainy season? How many days of the year is it sunshine and how many days of rain? You said it is mostly cloudy? ??? How is the infrastructure handling it?

  • Sara Coppler Jan 25, 2015, 9:01 am

    Terrific post. I am a big fan of your sites. You think we can get together sometime soon to talk about some ideas — relating to Cuenca and publishing. I’m in el Centro.

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