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  5. When did you get the idea of living in Ecuador? Why did you want to move abroad? How long have you been in Ecuador? How long do you intend to stay?
  6. How’s your Spanish? How well did you speak before arriving? Do you feel it is important to speak a second language?
  7. How do you make your living? How do you find the cost of living? Is it what you expected? Feel free to share specifics.
  8. What do you love about Ecuador? Differences, Positive/negatives, What’s it really like? Level of safety? Housing? Any tips for gringos considering moving? What resources did you find helpful?

Please feel free to include other details and stories. Also, 3-5 photos are required.


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6 comments… add one
  • laura Jan 20, 2012, 4:35 pm

    Comment for Bryan and Dena. Thank you for sharing your experience. Your reasons for moving are the same as ours. My husband is Ecuadoria, and we were just there last year visiting and gathering ideas. I love it there, but I dont know that my four children would, oldest being 19 youngest being 10. What do you and your husband work in, if thats not too much of a personal question. Also, what would your thoughts be on living by the beach, Salinas, as opposed to Cuenca living, or Ambato, especialy with the kids in mind and the fact that we would have to open up some kind of business for ourselves without overworking like we do here. Id love to know what your thoughts are on the matter. Thank you once again!

    • Bryan Haines Jan 24, 2012, 6:10 pm

      Hello Laura – we do a number of things. I write for Online Business and we blog for Red Mangrove Galapagos Lodges among other things.

      I don’t know about life on the beach. We talked about it, but decided that we would be happier in the Andes. We really love to visit the beach though.

      If you can work online – or do business online – you’ll save yourselves a significant headache. The red tape in government is different than we were used to – and now do business primarily through our Canadian business.

      All the best on your plans!

  • Fran Yates Dec 22, 2011, 8:24 pm

    This is in response to Dena’s ” Having a Bad Day” article…I am so glad she wrote that…cause it probably helped her to vent and also to refocus and remember why you two moved abroad. Actually lots of people admire your courage, and tenacity, and the nerve to do such a thing. Putting your family and daughter first, giving up your careers, the familiarity of living where you were familiar with things, to going to another country, where you would be the stranger, having to learn a language etc., customs…in other words turning your world upside down….lots of people envy your doing this I can assure you. Years ago, during the late 60’s and early 70’s, I lived in the Canary Islands, gave birth there, had no relatives or friends there, but became totally immersed in the country, learning Spanish from the Spanish people themselves, helping deliver a baby in my own bed (the child later became my godson), until when we left in 1974 I was so homesick that my family were very upset with me.
    Now when I read your blog, I totally know what you are talking about and some of the problems you incur….but remember you and Bryan did one of the best things in the world for your child. It doesn’t take but usually one trip home, to make you want to return to the country you are happy in for sure. I do hope to hear from William Fitzpatrick, as we have heard that Bahia is lovely and if it is as economical as people say, I think we would love to have a small place there. We are 65 and 67 years old, retired , but have young minds and ideas and are dedicated to enjoying the rest of our lives, without all the foo foo attached to most Americans. We hope to meet you and Bryan when we visit Cuenca. The dates I don’t have on hand, but will make sure to write down a phone number for you or an email address so that I can call you.
    Fran and Jerry Yates

  • Fran Yates Dec 22, 2011, 8:12 pm

    I would like to communicate with William Fitzpatrick, in order for more info. re: Bahia de Caraquez, cause we too are going to be in Ecuador the 10th of January and would like to exchange info..etc. If this is allowed please forward my note.
    Fran Yates

  • william fitzpatrick Dec 8, 2011, 8:38 pm

    we made the move sight unseen to Ecuador and settled in Bahia de Caraquez, have been in country for 3 1/2 weeks and have purchased a home and love it here in Bahia. Thanks for all your help given in your blogs.

  • Ave Bliss Sep 6, 2011, 4:09 pm

    Hola! I saw your article in International Living and looked up Dena Haines on Facebook. Voila! I live in Florida now, but used to live in Tumbaco, outside of Quito, during the 80’s and now I find myself thinking about returning to Ecuador and maybe to Cuenca! I’ve been looking for someone to converse with about the realities of living there. Perhaps, in the 80’s, Ecuador was quite different from today. Would you like to compare notes with me? For instance, how are the roads? Do you own a car? Do you take buses? Do shops accept credit cards there? Do you have a landline phone? Cable? How’s the cell phone service? Those are some of the questions and I have a few more! Thanks for your assistance if it isn’t too much trouble! Sincerely, Ave (Ah-vey)

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