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If you’re looking for a place to stay in Ecuador, this post will help. When you choose an Ecuador Airbnb over a local rental agent, you get a wider selection and (usually) at a significantly lower cost. Tips For Renting an Ecuador Airbnb Unit In this post, you’ll learn about Airbnb in Ecuador and why this is [...]

This is a guest post by Magali Ipina – a Canadian expat living in Quito, Ecuador. Read her french blog about Ecuador and follow her on Facebook. Baños is by far one of our favorite destinations here in Ecuador due to its spectacular setting and amazing natural beauty. Gateway to the Amazon rain-forest, it is home [...]

Are you concerned about real estate in Ecuador? You have probably heard that the prices are going up. An article earlier this week in one of Cuenca’s papers agreed with that. But it isn’t as bad as it sounds. While some blogs have said that prices are going up by $100’s of dollars, this just isn’t [...]

Howard Johnson: Where We Stay in Guayaquil Ecuador

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When we travel to Guayaquil we stay at the Howard Johnson. The Howard Johnson in Guayaquil The Howard Johnson is a nice hotel. The lobby is bright and clean. I always like the beautiful flower arrangement on the table in front of the main doors. The restaurant serves a large buffet breakfast each morning and [...]

Where to Stay in Yunguilla Valley, Ecuador: Santuario Hibiscus

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Franziska and Dan Pederson invited us to stay at their guesthouse, the Santuario Hibiscus in the Yunguilla Valley. Earlier this month, we visited for 2 nights. Visit their website or join them on Facebook or Twitter. Reader visitor reviews on TripAdvisor. A Warm Welcome We recently spent the weekend at the Santuario Hibiscus in the [...]

What Are the Rental Laws in Ecuador?

Cuenca Ecuador, Living in Ecuador

This is a guest post by an American expat living in Cuenca since 2007. Update (July 28, 2014): It seems that the site below is requiring a text payment/ registration for downloading the pdf of the rental laws. While the links are working, you’ll have to page through them on the site links below. Update (October [...]

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