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Moving abroad involves many fine details – visas, health, money, etc. Access to our money is something we take for granted “back home”, but in another country, it can be kind of challenging. We heard a story about an American couple who moved here and were shopping for real estate. The catch came when they [...]

So, why did we open an Ecuador bank account? Well, there are the obvious tax benefits, tax shelters and security of a Latin American country. Ecuador is the new Switzerland! Okay, well, maybe not. But there are some good reasons to open a bank account here in Ecuador: 1) You’ll need a local account for [...]

How to Open an Ecuador Bank Account

Living in Ecuador

A few weeks ago, we finally opened our bank account here in Ecuador. After 17 months, I’m sure you can tell that it’s not a priority or necessity to have one. But it does make things more convenient. At least that’s what we are hoping. Banco Pichincha has a program just for us extranjeros (foreigners). [...]

Ecuador uses the US dollar as its official currency. In this post, you’ll learn about Ecuador currency including pesos, francos, Sacagawea coins, and the dollarization in 2000. Plus, we cover how to handle your money in Ecuador, how to avoid counterfeit bills, tipping and ATMs. 29 Facts about Ecuador Currency Facts Named for its geographical [...]