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Thinking about investing in the real estate market in Ecuador? In this post, Jesse Bayer of Abundant Living Ecuador, shares tips for expats buying property in Ecuador. Bio at end of post.  Check our full guide to Ecuador real estate. 7 Tips for Expats Buying Property in Ecuador 1. Set Your Parameters First Know your preferences [...]

This is a post by Linn Vermilion Smith. Linn spent 25 years of her adult life traveling the world as a professional singer. Before moving to Ecuador in October of 2010, Linn and her husband Cardell lived in Hawaii. This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. My Life in Ecuador: Linn Vermilion Smith  I was living [...]

Love it or hate it – House Hunters International is a powerhouse affecting thousands of future expats. In this post, I’ll share some reflections about our HHI experience a few years ago. And I publish a full list of all 14 House Hunter International episodes filmed here in Ecuador. Our House Hunters International Experience It’s been [...]

This week we finished filming a House Hunters International episode in Cuenca. (Our episode aired February 15th, 2012.) This part was our house-hunting component which was shot Sunday through Tuesday. Our back-story (the why of our move) was shot while we were in Miami last month. The shoot is a reenactment of our actual move [...]

Candid information about Cuenca can be hard to find (aside from here, of course). Sometimes its hard to even find the local papers online. There are two primary newspapers in Cuenca. El Mercurio & El Tiempo El Mercurio Newspaper El Tiempo Newspaper Something to keep in mind. The papers in Ecuador tend to state, for example, [...]

3 Ways to Find Rental Property in Cuenca, Ecuador Food, shelter & clothing… those are our basic needs. Finding food in Cuenca is easy. Finding clothes that fit the usually taller and often more “robust” expat population can be a little more challenging in Ecuador. Finding a house here can be a real challenge at [...]