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While traveling through the Andes mountains, we’ve seen lots of wildlife. As I went through my photos, I found this falcon-like bird. Here’s what I learned about Ecuador’s curiquingue. In this post, you’ll learn about Ecuador’s curiquingue. What is a Curiquingue? The curiquingue is in the falcon family and resembles the vulture because of it’s [...]

15 Facts About Ecuador's Vermilion Flycatcher

Ecuador Travel, Galapagos Islands

The male vermilion flycatcher is a tiny bright red bird. He is a real attention grabber! The first one we saw was in the Galapagos islands on Isabela Island. We have also seen them in the Yunguilla valley. (Read more about living in Ecuador) 15 Facts About The Vermilion Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus Rubinus) Can be found [...]

9 Family Attractions in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

Looking for something to do with your family in Cuenca Ecuador? Here are my 9 favorite attractions: 9 Family Attractions in Cuenca Ecuador   Banco Central Amaru Zoo Mirador de Turi Parque Paraiso Cuenca Flower Market Casa de la Mujer El Chorro Cajas National Park Hacienda Uzhupud 1. Central Bank Museum (Museo del Banco Central) [...]

Ecuador's Pale Legged Horneros and their Tree-Top Mud Homes

Ecuador Travel

Birds are so interesting! There is something so captivating about them, their beautiful colors, songs, and not to mention their ability to fly. I mean who has never wished they could spread there arms out and just take off? Something I don’t often think about is what wonderful builders they are. They make their nests [...]

Don’t Miss Iguana Park In Guayaquil Ecuador

Ecuador Travel

Guayaquil is known for its “Iguana Park” (Parque Seminario) which is packed with iguanas. Coming from Canada we haven’t seen many iguanas, so visiting the park was a treat. (You may want to read about taxi safety and rates in Guayaquil as well.) Iguanas Everywhere! While we were visiting Guayaquil we hired a van to take [...]

Meet Paddington Bear: 17 Facts About Ecuador's Andean Bear

Ecuador Travel

In Cuenca Ecuador there are not many wild animals or critters. It’s a city high in the Andes mountains. There are tarantulas, birds and some small bugs but nothing “wild.” In the mountains surrounding Cuenca there are a few large wild animals, but they are rarely seen. Andean (or Spectacled) Bear Sightings  Some friends told us [...]

The Animals of Amaru Zoo, Cuenca Ecuador (Video)

Cuenca Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

There is a small zoo in Cuenca Ecuador. More information about the Amaru Zoo, including directions. There are Andean bears, tigers, pumas, parrots and giant tortoises. There are also lots of monkeys, white tailed deer, Andean squirrels, peccary and African lions.  In total, there are 70 species with more than 650 animals. This video highlights [...]

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