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This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. Do you live in Ecuador? Share your Story here.  Our Life in Ecuador: Todd & Heidi Gorishek The Expats: Todd & Heidi Gorishek Connect with Todd and Heidi Blog: Where are you currently living? My wife Heidi, my adult son Easton, and I are currently living in Cuenca, Ecuador [...]

This is a guest post that I wrote for National Geographic Intelligent Traveler Blog for the series: I Heart My City. We were invited by Gio Palatucci to highlight our city on National Geographics Intelligent Traveler Blog. The format is a mad-libs style fill-in-the-blanks. The bold text is what they gave us, and the regular text is our [...]

In our question post of: Whats Your Question About Cuenca, Ecuador? we were asked by David Marshall: “If you were to make the transition now, having learned from your experiences, what would you do differently. We all learn from our best mistakes. What were yours. Would you bring different things in your suitcases? Would you [...]

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