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In this post, you’ll learn how we became location independent. And how to make money while traveling and living abroad. I’ll cover the specific ways we make money while traveling and living abroad, including blogging, web design, and photography. How to Make Money While Traveling Last week, a reader wanted to know how we earn [...]

Okay, so I’ve never taught English overseas. It is something we talked about, even something we planned on doing when we first arrived in Ecuador. But it just never happened. So why feature this book? Well, it’s still an awesome idea. If you are planning on moving abroad, but not quite sure how to fund [...]

We get lots of questions about making money while traveling and living abroad. Nomadic Matt, (our friend and fellow travel blogger) has a great book, that really helped us: How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog Does he know what he’s talking about? Well, he currently makes over $4000 per month on his travel [...]