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How To Teach English Overseas

Product Reviews, Working Abroad

Okay, so I’ve never taught English overseas. It is something we talked about, even something we planned on doing when we first arrived in Ecuador. But it just never happened. So why feature this book? Well, it’s still an awesome idea. If you are planning on moving abroad, but not quite sure how to fund [...]

How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog

Product Reviews, Working Abroad

We get lots of questions about making money while traveling and living abroad. Nomadic Matt, (our friend and fellow travel blogger) has a great book, that really helped us: How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog Does he know what he’s talking about? Well, he currently makes over $4000 per month on his travel [...]

Work Abroad Opportunity for Bilingual Writers at

Working Abroad

If you are bilingual then this one is for you. has recently added a Spanish language channel to their über popular site. Currently they have about 30 Spanish topics live and will be adding significantly more throughout the year. The requirements are simple. You must be fluent in Spanish – because all the writing [...]

Finding Freelance Work on Elance

Expat Hacks, Working Abroad

So you’ve probably heard of Elance. Who hasn’t, right? The Elance community presents opportunities for travelers and expats (aka. the location-liberated worker). Simply move from employee to freelancer. In the news, Elance is often touted as a cost savings tool for large business. Cut the employee strings, only pay for tasks accomplished and avoid dreaded [...]

Write for – While Traveling / Living Abroad

Working Abroad

I’m sure you’ve seen before. It would be impossible not to have stumbled across it online. is a top 15 website and they receive more than 60,000,000 visitors each month. If you are planning to move abroad, you should consider writing for About. They are very different – both in their compensation and [...]

New Fund-Your-Travels Series

Working Abroad

We often get asked about making money while traveling or living abroad. It’s a great question. One we asked ourselves less than two years ago. When we moved to Ecuador, we had a ton of ideas but nothing concrete. We had just sold our advertising agency and had pockets full of cash. Okay maybe not. [...]

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