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This is a guest post by Magali Ipina, a Canadian expat living in Quito, Ecuador. She started her own Advertising Agency in Quito 3 years ago, Reversal Studio. Check out their webpage and follow them on Facebook. Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel in the Galapagos Two years ago, I had the great privilege to travel to Galapagos, [...]

What’s the Best Galapagos Airport? (3 Options)

Ecuador Travel, Galapagos Islands

In this post, we’ll help you determine which is the best Galapagos airport. There are three airports on the Galapagos Islands. The busiest is Seymour Airport on Baltra Island and the other is San Cristobal Airport. There is also a small airline / landing strip on Isabela Island. In this post, we’ll talk about airports in [...]

Floreana is a small isolated island in the Galapagos. It has a very interesting history and is one of the most memorable places we’ve ever visited. The Galapagos islands are famous for their unique animals. We explored three islands and had unforgettable animal encounters on each of them, but none as breathtaking as on Floreana! [...]

Lazin' Around in Galapagos (Collection)

Galapagos Islands, Traveling Kids

Hey everyone! This week I’ve been feeling pretty tired, and I thought these sea lions were great examples of what I want to do over the weekend; except on a nice soft bed :P ! Fast Facts Sea lions are my favorite Galapagos animal, I even swam with one. What is your favorite Galapagos animal? Is it: [...]

A Cool Galapagos Pelican Collage

Galapagos Islands, Traveling Kids

I love using Photoshop. I love Pelicans. I love collages. Presto! I love these Pelicans! They have such a variety of expressions. In the future I will be posting a tutorial on how to do these collages! Fast Facts These pelicans were at the fish market in the Galapagos on Santa Cruz Island. At the [...]

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