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Health Safety

Update (February 11, 2017): The Ecuador’s Federal Government is now requiring all visitors to have travel insurance upon arrival. Read this new law. Update (April 16, 2018): We published a new post entitled: 5 Travel Insurance Options for Expats & Travelers Just before we flew to Miami last month, a shot of fear went through me. Travel insurance! [...]

Last week, we received this inquiry from a reader. There is lots of confusion about what types of vaccinations are needed. Months ago, we published Super Germ-Fighting Family that covered some of the concerns and decisions we made about health, before we moved here. Ecuador Vaccinations: What Vaccines Do I Need in Cuenca Ecuador? Reader [...]

Living in Ecuador has given us a variety and quality of food that we literally couldn’t imagine enjoying back in Canada. The fruit is cheap, fresh and delicious. $1.00 pineapples are huge and extremely sweet. Mangoes are sweet and messy (er, juicy) and cost $0.55 per kg! Grapes, papaya, oranges, limes, and bananas are all [...]

New Must-Haves for the Mom Abroad

Our Perspective

Our family lives in Cuenca, a beautiful city in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. My husband and I moved here (from Canada) with our 8 year old daughter in July of 2009. After we arrived I quickly learned to add a few important items to what I normally carry in my bag/backpack.  When traveling in [...]

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