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Are you looking for a great place to take your kids on a safe trail ride? As we have found out, all trail rides are not created equal! Some can even be dangerous… Read more about living in Ecuador Trail Rides Are Not All Created Equal We’ve been on two trail rides in Ecuador. The [...]

Looking for something to do with your family in Cuenca Ecuador? Here are my 9 favorite attractions: 9 Family Attractions in Cuenca Ecuador   Banco Central Amaru Zoo Mirador de Turi Parque Paraiso Cuenca Flower Market Casa de la Mujer El Chorro Cajas National Park Hacienda Uzhupud 1. Central Bank Museum (Museo del Banco Central) [...]

During our recent visit to Hacienda Uzhupud we were kept very busy. One of the activities that they planned for us was making pizzas in the wood fired oven. In Cuenca, there are a few pizza shops that use wood ovens and the flavor is amazing. Update (January 1, 2018): Hacienda Uzhupud closed a few months ago. Although [...]

Paute is a small canton (county) in Azuay province – just outside of the city of Cuenca. It is just a short drive to Paute. On our recent visit to Hacienda Uzhupud we spoke with Charlie Castro – head of entertainment. In this video, Charlie explains some of the highlights of Paute and the surrounding [...]