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taxi rates

By one taxi drivers estimation (he is an organizer for some of the strikes in the past) there are more than 3000 pirate taxi drivers in Cuenca compared to the 5000 licensed ones. Now the term “pirate” might bring to mind eye patches, parrots and chests of gold. Or maybe just a criminal. Neither is exactly [...]

Taxi rates seem to be almost an unofficial gauge for the cost of living in a city or country. Some articles will try to convince you that a taxi in the city of Cuenca is just $1. While taxis are cheap, this is just crazy. Buses for $0.25 – yes, but taxis aren’t $1. At [...]

And yes, taxis are cheap here in Ecuador. How cheap? Yesterday, Dena snapped these pictures of the posted rates from taxis leaving from El Paseo Mall in La Libertad. La Libertad is the commercial center for the region. Salinas has the beach – and hotels and restaurants. Santa Elena (the city) has the people, and [...]