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Taxi Rates in Salinas, Ecuador

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And yes, taxis are cheap here in Ecuador. How cheap?

Yesterday, Dena snapped these pictures of the posted rates from taxis leaving from El Paseo Mall in La Libertad. La Libertad is the commercial center for the region. Salinas has the beach – and hotels and restaurants. Santa Elena (the city) has the people, and is the capital. And La Libertad is where the people and tourists buy everything. There are two commercial centers, with El Paseo Mall being the largest.

Salinas Local Taxi Rates

We’ve paid from $2.5o to $3.00 for trips to and from the mall. We are staying at the lower end of the Malecon. The price charge says we should be paying $2.50, so I guess its good. The ride is about 15 minutes.

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Why have posted rates? Well, for some reason, taxi meters aren’t liked too much by Ecuador taxi drivers. In Cuenca, every taxi must have one by law, but they never use them. So you can either get a rate when you are getting in, or negotiate when you arrive.

Salinas Long Distance Taxi Rates

The second rate sheet is for areas out of town. The 2 hour drive to Guayaquil is just $60. This is a direct drive – and a very good rate. A few months ago, we hired a van company in Guayaquil to pick us up here, and the rate was over $100. We just didn’t know that the taxis here would drive to Guayaquil.

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  • Arturo Nov 19, 2016, 8:35 pm

    Compañía de taxis Montañisol S.A. servicio de taxis desde los aeropuertos de Guayaquil, Manta , Salinas hasta Montañita, Ayampe, Puerto lopez. Etc

  • paula pantoja Apr 29, 2013, 6:28 pm

    gracias buenas noches quisiera saber el presio taxi salinas a monpinche cuanto es el valor y el telefona gracias

  • RG Jul 20, 2011, 8:30 am

    Hi Bryan,

    We just got back from a two-week vacation in Ecuador. We stayed 9 days in Salinas, 2 days in Guayaquil and 1 day in Cuenca. Of the three, I really like Salinas because of the beach and very friendly locals. We stayed in Cocos (end of Malecon) and the taxi fare we paid from this hotel to the mall is only $2.00 and it’s only $0.25 by bus.

    There is a condo called Aquamira still under construction along the malecon. Based on what I have heard, the owner of Alamar is also the owner of Aquamira. Do you know the name (company or individual) of the owner of these two buildings? Your inout would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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