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Our Top 10 Ecuador Travel & Expat Posts of 2012

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Note: the image for this post is a tribute to the unusual (and delicious) local treat of roasted guinea pig


Thanks to you (our readers) we have had a huge year on Gringos Abroad. Our page-views more than doubled – from 340,000 in 2011 to 756,805 this year (a growth of 223%).

  • Annual Page-views: 756,805
  • Annual Unique Visitors: 160,323

The average visitor reads just over 3 pages and stays an average of 4 minutes 26 seconds. We have published 294 posts and have 4199 comments – an average of more than 14 per post!

Gringos Abroad is the most popular expat/travel blog in the country.

This is the third “best of” posts that we have published. Read Top 10 Posts of 2011 and Top 10 Posts of 2010.

Top 10 Posts on Gringos Abroad in 2012

10. Whats The Price of Gas in Ecuador?

This is the surprise post – we published this in response to a reader question and never expected the volume of interest that it has received. The cost of gas in Ecuador has been one of the few things that has remained the same since we arrived 3.5 years ago and is a stable factor in the cost of owning a car in Ecuador.

Read more: What’s The Price of Gas in Ecuador?

9. 11 Books & Courses We Used to Learn Spanish

This post has become a hub of free and pay books/courses for learning Spanish. The eleven resources included in the post are ones we actually purchased and used – many which we continue to use.

Read more: 11 Books & Courses We Used to Learn Spanish

8. So You Want To Drive in Ecuador?

Why not drive in Ecuador? Well aside from $0.25 buses and $2.00 taxis – there is another good reason to avoid buying a car. The style of driving isn’t what we were used to back in Canada. And in spite of what we said when we first arrived, we did end up buying a car and I got my drivers license.

Read more: So You Want To Drive in Ecuador?

7. Are Expats Paying Too Much for Rentals in Cuenca?

It’s a hot question. Is it okay to overpay, as long as you can afford it? Or do expats have a responsibility to avoid inflating the economy where they live? Is it even possible to do that?

Read more: Are Expats Paying Too Much for Rentals in Cuenca?

6. Top 10 Posts on Gringos Abroad in 2011

There is a certain irony when one of our top posts in 2012 is a post about top posts from the previous year. The nice thing about these “best of” posts is that they highlight the most popular (as determined by other readers) posts of the year. Some of the posts that I’m especially proud of from 2011 are: Living Abroad: The Bad DaysTwo Years In Ecuador: Why We Moved, Why We Stay and Culture Shock in Canada – Our Trip Home.

Read more: Top 10 Posts on Gringos Abroad in 2011

5. We Have Residency In Ecuador! (What You Should Know)

Our residency process was quite a, well, process. We learned a lot and Dena shares our experience in this post. Because the residency issue is one of the toughest hoops to jump through, readers devoured this information.

Read more: We Have Residency In Ecuador! (What You Should Know)

4. Where Are the Dangerous Areas in Cuenca, Ecuador?

In the past year, crime has increased in Cuenca. When the local paper published a map of where the crimes are concentrated we shared that, along with some of our experiences.

Read more: Where Are the Dangerous Areas in Cuenca, Ecuador?

3.  Ecuador Expat Profile – Gary Sisk, Cuenca Ecuador

This is our first expat profile to make the top ten list. Congratulations Gary! In Gary’s profile, he writes about what he likes in Ecuador, cost of living and why he moved here in the first place.

Read more: Ecuador Expat Profile – Gary Sisk, Cuenca Ecuador

1. Behind the Scenes: House Hunters International in Cuenca Ecuador

Filming House Hunters in Cuenca Ecuador last fall has been one of the more controversial topics on the blog. There is a segment of expats that, while not having any trouble learning about a place themselves, want to keep all “the others” out of their paradise. As if they are “good expats” and the others would be “bad”. It makes me laugh. This post is a summary of what the actual filming experience was like.

Read more: Behind the Scenes: House Hunters International in Cuenca Ecuador

So that’s it! The most read posts of 2012.

In November, Drew started writing for Gringos Abroad (Kids Abroad). She is planning on contributing monthly. Her guest posts have become a great source of visitors to her own blog: Culture Sponge where she writes about favorite things about living in Ecuador and from her travels. So far, she has published:

Any comments on favorite posts? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  • Ralph Sabean Jan 3, 2013, 12:15 pm

    It has been a productive year for your family Bryan and I hope you have many more. We are visiting on the 21st of the month we go to Halifax and stay overnight and then we on the 22nd fly to Toronto and from there to Miami and then to Guyaquil where Matthew picks us up. I love the flying part of the trip but I don’t appreciate all the problems we seem to go through at the various customs offices. Maybe this year it will be better, I sure hope and if not when I’m all through I may just moon them. Just kidding but it seems like a good idea. Ta Ta for now and Olla to all our Spanish friends.

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