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Watch Out For (Crazy) Family When Planning to Move Abroad

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A recent case in Russia illustrates the lengths that some family members will go to, to prevent you from moving abroad.

Mother tries to prevent daughter from moving abroadA 33-year-old woman was planning to fly from Moscow to Morocco to get married, and make a new life there. Apparently her mother objected to her moving abroad, and decided to prevent it the best way she knew how: She called authorities telling them that her daughter was a terrorist and that she was going to blow up the plane.

Of course, that’s a GREAT idea!

CNN reports:

The woman . . . did not want her daughter to move abroad

Did it work? Obviously, the plane was delayed . . . But then they tracked down the caller (Mother Dearest) and she was detained for making a terror threat. And the bride-to-be? After questioning, she caught a flight to Morocco for her wedding. (I’ll bet she doesn’t go home to visit her mom for a while)

Lesson Learned? Just disappear one day, and call the (crazy) family from your new country. Goodbyes are hard enough – let alone bomb squads and terror trials. . .

Read the full article.

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  • John C. A. Manley Jul 25, 2011, 7:01 pm

    Unbelievable yet not too surprising at the same time.

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