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Blue Footed Boobies, Galapagos Islands (Weekly Photo)

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So here they are. Its not a closeup, but you can sure see the blue feet. They have kind of become the symbol of the Galapagos Islands. They are super unique – what other animal has blue (webbed) feet? In the Galapagos the Bluefooted Booby is as common as seagulls are in North America. There are small colonies of them everywhere. They are majestic in the air, but very awkward on land – especially as they are landing / taking off. Looks like its their first time, every time. Its a hoot to watch.

In the picture there are probably 40 – in the original photo, there were more than 150 – I had to crop it to fit it in properly. I love how the blue feet stand out against the black lava rock. (See the large pelican in the top left of the picture?).


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  • Andre Hugo Dec 31, 2011, 8:05 pm

    I am looking forward to my first visit to the Galapagos. Blue feet ! I’m looking forward to seeing that for myself.

    Happy New Year !

  • Joseph Jul 26, 2011, 7:29 am

    This is just an example of what the Galapagos Archipelago can offer in terms of unique wildlife. There are lots to see, not to mention the well known giant turtles. These volcanic islands are the perfect destination for people who want to see what nature managed to come up with that is so unique, rare and extremely fascinating.

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